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About us

Located in the heart of the production center of China - Chaozhou City, United Metal & Machinery Limited has become a leading provider of high quality Stainless Steel Materials. The company is able to manage small as well as bulk projects with high proficiency. We offer matchless range of Hydraulic Riveting Machine, Cookware Stainless Steel Products, Production Line Equipment, Fixings, And Metals. We are a technology driven company ensuring to complete the projects with the best to provide complete value of money to the clients. Our major line of solutions includes washing line over 10 meters, beading, cutting, pressing and other machines. In addition, we also provide rust proof and highly durable stainless steel products for fulfilling the demands of different sectors. With modern brazing equipment, outer/inner semiautomatic /automatic polish machine as well as hydraulic riveting machine, we can offer high end automatic solutions that can easily connect these equipments.

Our Infrastructure

Our Factories are setup in China - Chaozhou City. Our product are Stainless steel coils, Stainless steel circles, Stainless steel pipes, Stainless steel meshes, Stainless steel cookwares, Stainless steel kitchenwares, Stainless steel utensils, Machineries for stainless steel industry, Slitting process, Polishing process.

For Any Query Send Us Mail On | bodo.chen@jiedongcgs.com